Sitemap - 2020 - The #AmWriting Podcast

Episode 243: #Fact-based Fiction and Fiction from Facts with Mark Olshaker

Top Five Things to Know about Handwriting to Text Technology

Episode 242 Finding All the Voices: Writing Reflective #Nonfiction with Julie Lythcott-Haims

#Minisode: Novel in #Process Part 2: Getting your idea ready to go the distance

Episode 241: Big #Booklaunch Day

Gift Season: A First Review of the Remarkable 2

Episode 240 #Editing for the Best Version of Your Vision with Tiffany Yates Martin

BONUS EPISODE--Shiny Thing Syndrome: KJ & Jennie Nash discuss career goals, side gigs and distractions

Episode 239 #Writer Gift Extravaganza

Minisode: Novel in #Process Part 1: Finding an Idea

Episode 238 Turning #Romance on Its Head with Lyssa Kay Adams

Minisode: Should I Hire a Publicist?

Episode 237: #Reporting from the Economic Trenches with Lauren Sandler

Top 5 Emails to Send During Your Book Launch

Episode 236 #Shipping Your Creative Work with Seth Godin (Take Two)

Minisode: The First Thing to Ask When Revising

Episode 235: Writer #Tech We Love

Top 5 Podcasts for Writers (Besides #AmWriting)

Episode 234: #Storybuilding with Jacob Wright from Dabble Writing Software

Minisode: Six Months to Pub Day

Episode 233: #TruthsAndMisdemeanors, Lacy Crawford on the gauntlet of legal & fact-checking

Top 5 Ways to Prep for NaNoWriMo

Episode 232 Smart, #Versatile and Writing all the Things with Morgan Jerkins

Minisode: When There's No Muse, Keep Going

Episode 231: #FindYourReaders with Dara Kurtz

Top 5 Tips to Getting a Great Interview

Episode 230: So You Wanna Be a #Bookcoach with Jennie Nash

Minisode: Throwing It All Away Is Part of the Revision Game

Episode 229 #Interviewing with NPR's Celeste Headlee

Top 5 Mindfulness Tricks for Better Writing Sessions

Episode 228 #Embedded with Jeff Selingo

Minisode: Top Five Tricks for Keeping your Butt in the Chair

Episode 227 The Joy of #Self-Promotion: promoting yourself and your work

Minisode: Why KJ Loves Books About Plotting (and which ones)

Episode 226 Writing #ownvoices while respecting others, with Lauren Ho

Top 5 Things to Know About Using a Pseudonym

Episode 225 Get #ComfortablewithWeird How visualization and imagery help writers connect with readers, with Julie Berry

Minisode: Jess on what really sells books

Episode 224 From Mr. Rogers to #RealityTVJournalism with Andy Dehnart

Top 5 Business Upgrades 

Episode 223: #MythBusting: We take a bunch of myths about writing and tear them all up and throw them away

Minisode: #AmQuerying: How to write a fiction query letter that makes an agent ask for more

Episode 222 #HomagetoJane: Talking Jane Austen with Sonali Dev

Books about Writing a Bestseller

Episode 221 #FeelingExposed in Memoir and Fiction

Minisode: How an Editor Considers an Essay

Episode 220 #ComedicMemoir with Kari Lizer

Top Five Tax Tips for Writers

Episode 219 Find Your Character's #WishSong with Susan Wiggs

Minisode: What to Do While You're Waiting

Episode 218 The #Indie-TraditionalTradeoff

Top Five Reasons to Outline Something You’ve Already Written

Episode 217 #HowtoGetOnThatPodcast with Lauren Passell

Mini Episode: A Letter to My Younger, Unpublished Self

Episode 216 #TheBiggestBluff with Maria Konnikova

Top Five Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable

Episode 215: #TheSocialBookLaunch

Bonus Mini-sode: Finding Diverse Sources

Episode 214 Learning to Be #GenreFlexible with Catherine Newman

Top Five Reasons to Shout Out Your Own Work (and a few ideas for how)

Episode 213 Book Launching Fun with #GoodreadsAmazonBookBub

Minisode: Pitching Yourself to Producers

Episode 212: Don't Just Say #TheBookWasBetter

Top Five Ways to Get a “Sticker”

Episode 211 #WriterGoals, Pandemic Version

Minisode: Don't Make the Same Mistakes Twice

Episode 210 #DontOverthinkIt

Top Five Simple Boosts for a Writer’s Instagram

Episode 209 #StartYourWriterThing

The Top Five (Free) Ways to Get Your Shiny New Book Cover in Front of People’s Eyeballs

Episode 208 How to Blend a #CozyThriller

The Top Five Ways to Begin a Revision of Your Work

Episode 207 #ProfessionallyMarried—for life

Episode 206 #YouCanDoIt (even now)

Episode 205 How to Create #MarketingMojo

Top Five Ways to Restart Your Writing

Episode 204 #HowtoGetPastWritersBlock(slowly)

Top 5 Easy Tasks That Even a Deeply Distracted (and Perhaps Anxious) Person Can Do for His or Her Writing Platform

Episode 203 #HowtoWorkAnyway

Episode 202 #WebsiteRevampHowto

#SupporterMini #OutlineShortcut

Episode 201: #Creatinga(Fictional)DysfunctionalFamily

Top 5 Things to Know About Writing Under a Pseudonym

Episode 200 #ShouldYouStartaPodcast

Top 5 Pop-Psych Tools to Use on Your Characters

Episode 199 #HowtoLovePromotingYourWork

#SupporterMini #WhatBelongsonthePage

Episode 198 #RoomforTwoPrincesses

Top 5 Details to Flag in Your Publishing Contract

Episode 197 #HowtoWinatPR

196 #WhereDoestheTimeGo

Top 5 Things to Do When Your WIP Feels Like It's In Flames

Episode 195: #FromPeopletoSciAmerican

Top 5 Ways to Win at Newsletter Subject Lines

Episode 194: #PutAPriceOnIt

Top 5 Things Amazon Won’t Tell You About Your Book’s Amazon Listing

Episode 193: #WriterDreamsComeTrue

Top 5 Ways to Find the Right Agent to Pitch

192 #HowtoBeaBookCoach