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A little backstory

Once upon a time, there were Jess and KJ. (Sarina’s coming. Wait for it.) Think of them as Andy Rooney and Judy Garland. (Jess is Andy Rooney, totally.) And KJ said, hey Jess, let's put on a show! And while they do have a barn, the whole musical comedy thing seemed both a little outdated and too likely to lead to KJ singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," so they started a podcast instead.

This podcast. And it was just a little baby podcast, but it grew and grew, as babies do (here I'm thinking Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, to continue the theme) and hungrily gobbled up the small amounts of money and large amounts of time Jess and KJ put into creating it and paying for its production until one day, KJ reluctantly did the math and figured out that they'd spent $10,000, which back in the day would have bought ice cream sundaes for the cast and crew of every Judy and Andy musical ever and then some, but today buys you about 150 podcast episodes and that's if KJ and Jess work for love and the joy of one another's company, plus the not-to-be-sneezed-at bragging rights of having once told David Sedaris that he gives "the worst writing advice ever". (He does. Episode 109.)

Which brings us (give or take Richard Russo, Lisa Chron, new co-host Sarina Bowen and a whole lot of episodes in which Jess and KJ give straight up advice and occasional bitching on the fine art of keeping your butt in the chair and your head in the game) to now. We've got a sponsor (Hey Author Accelerator! [waves wildly]), but that’s a partnership and match we won’t be able to duplicate, so one’s enough. We won't be trying to persuade you to buy two different brands of mattress over the course of a single podcast like some deranged princess trying to avoid a pea any time soon.

Instead, we've teamed up with Substack, and this is the result. We’d love your help, we hope we help you, and we plan to keep this thing going for the long haul.

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Sarina is a 24-time USA Today bestselling author. She has an economics degree from Yale, and spent a dozen years trading derivatives on Wall Street. Now she spends her days writing genre fiction and trying to outwit the Amazon algorithm.