Aug 14, 2020 • 50M

Episode 224 From Mr. Rogers to #RealityTVJournalism with Andy Dehnart

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Entertaining, actionable advice on craft, productivity and creativity for writers and journalists in all genres, with hosts Jessica Lahey, KJ Dell'Antonia and Sarina Bowen.

We’ve got a great interview for you today with a freelance journalist who does a different kind of work than any of us ever have—out in the field reporting on his favorite subject: reality adventure TV on trips rife with travel and danger and expense reports. I think you’ll love it.

We talk about finding your topic and making that topic, well, topical by looking for what’s happening within the world you’re covering that reflects what’s happening outside of it. We also discuss MFAs (he’s a fan), email (not so much) and how to keep from “opening your email and letting somebody else dictate what you do with your time.”

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Andy: Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Jess: The Summer of ‘69 by Elin Hilderbrand

The Book of Eels by Patrik Svensson

KJ: The Guest List Lucy Foley

#TBR: The Mountains Wild by Sarah Stewart Taylor

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