Sitemap - 2023 - The #AmWriting Podcast

Writing for Tweendom: Jamie Sumner on writing difficult topics and the glory of middle grade fiction

no really, help KJ launch Playing the Witch Card

Flinging a Fall Book out into the world

2 chances (or 3!) to hear KJ talk writing the paranormal and Playing the Witch Card

Reinvention Marketing: Selling Your Book for Years After Pub Day

From Idea to Execution: Building a Book

Never Carved in Stone: Letting Ideas Evolve

Ideas and Nonfiction: Your Book Idea Contains Multitudes

When Good Ideas Go Bad (the most common mistakes writers make)

Memoirs for the Marketplace: A Blueprint for Success

You Are the Protagonist (memoirs need ideas too) with Rachael Herron

How to Decide if Your Book Idea is Solid (or Solid Enough)

The Airport Game (or, how to come up with 8 ideas on a 3 hour long flight)

Welcome to the Idea Factory (Good Writing Comes Last, Part 2)

How to Start a Novel (and keep going) Episode 365

Summer Reading for Writers (plus a #FlashbackFriday: Episode 269)

Satire: writing just below "over-the-top" with Jane Roper Episode 364

How to Hate Your Work and Also Sell It-- at the same time. Episode 363

Talking Fat Talk and Substack Success: Episode 362 with Virginia Sole-Smith

Flashback Friday: Episode 288 with Joni Cole

Scrivener Tips: It's only taken Jess 361 episodes to deliver on her promise

Summoning My Accountability Buddies: Because Sometimes Writers Need Deadlines, ep 360

Dealing with Goal Fatigue What to Do When the Goals Aren't Getting You Anywhere, Ep. 359

Flashback Friday: Jodi Kantor Chases the Truth

Intoxication for Inspiration: Do drugs and alcohol unleash the muses? Episode 358

The Anxious Writer: Turning fears into superpowers. Episode 357

Writerly Tech: the hardware, the software and the why. Episode 356

In My Expert Opinion: Pitching, Prepping, and Nailing Interviews for TV and Radio

Good Writing Comes Last: the form and function of a solid book outline, episode 354

Sensitivity Reader Reboot: looking your topic from all the angles, with Jordan Shapiro and Jazz

Unraveling Nonfiction Research and Writing: Episode 353 with Peggy Orenstein

Write-alongs, week of 3/6/23

How to Write a Novel in Three Months, Sarina-Style (Episode 352)

The week's Write-Alongs

A Workbook for Your Story: Episode 351 with Adrienne Young and Isabel Ibañez


Writing Three Books Without Typing a Word: Episode 350 with Leslie Hooton

How to Write (More than just) Erotica: Episode 349 with Rachel Kramer Bussel

February 6-10 2023 Write-alongs

Are You Ready to Pitch? The Answer is in Your Query. Episode 348 with Julie Artz

The week's write-alongs

Start More than You Can Finish: Redefining failure with Becky Blades in Episode 347

Write-alongs are back!

A Thousand Miles to a First Novel: Episode 346 with Kristen Mei Chase

Flashback Friday -- Episode 71: Building relationships with booksellers with Mary Laura Philpott

When it comes to goals, boring is good. Episode 345: Goals--or not--for 2023

What's your WOTY (Word of the Year) for 2023?