Start More than You Can Finish: Redefining failure with Becky Blades in Episode 347

Start More than You Can Finish: Redefining failure with Becky Blades in Episode 347

Okay, some us (hand up here) start ALL THE THINGS. But some of us don’t like to start what we don’t think we will finish (and even those of us who start a lot sometimes beat ourselves up for that).

But if you don’t start stuff you cannot finish stuff. So: here’s Becky Blades, author of Start More than You Can Finish (which—and this is a big deal—was recommended by the Next Big Idea Book Club — and you can listen to five ideas from the book by clicking that link) on why we should… start. More than we can finish. And HOW. And also, how to learn to love not finishing what we start.

Links from the pod:


Becky’s daughter’s book (A Guide to Midwestern Conversation, Taylor Kay Phillips)


Becky: You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey and The World Record Book of Racist Stories, Amber Ruffin, Lacey Lamar

Think Again, Adam Grant

The Science of Stuck, Britt Frank

KJ: The Real Work, Adam Gopnik

StARTistry, the newsletter

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