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Reinvention Marketing: Selling Your Book for Years After Pub Day

Episode 375: Adventures in back-end marketing and promotion with Jess

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Hi #AmWriters! Jess here to talk about what I’ve been up to this summer and hoping some of it proves helpful for you. That’s why we started this podcast years ago - to flatten the learning curve for other writers.

Here I am, almost a decade out from the publication of The Gift of Failure and I have this new book, The Addiction Inoculation, on a topic that can be scary to some people (substance use disorder! eeeek!) as you know, I’m always looking for ways to get books in the hands of new readers, get information into the heads of people who need to know it, and keep my speaking career afloat. This summer, I did a massive marketing re-invention because the speaking engagements that have been going particularly well are not about one book or the other, but both. I’ve been using The Gift of Failure as a Trojan Horse to get the Addiction Inoculation substance use prevention content out to audience members who need to hear it but who might be reluctant to attend a talk advertised solely as ABOUT SUBSTANCE USE PREVENTION.

Behind the scenes moment, I just texted Sarina and KJ in our group chat:

Anyway, back to marketing. I came up with some new ideas and while researching those, stumbled upon a conference aimed squarely at the people doing substance use prevention work on the ground. I decided to go to the conference to meet them and get my book into their hands, and I tell you all about how it went.

I wanted to share what I learned and some strategies that were helpful to me as well as a reminder that the success of our books does not hinge on pub day. Sure, a great pub day is helpful and can get you on one of those coveted lists, but there’s a lot to love about the slow burn book, the perennial seller, the evergreen content.


Autonomy Supportive Parenting by Emily Edlynn, PhD

The Woodkin by Alexander James

Never Enough by Jennifer Breheny Wallace

Erasing the Finish Line by Ana Homayoun

Middle School Superpowers by Phyllis Fagell

Growing Up in Public by Devorah Heitner

Raising Empowered Athletes by Kirsten Jones

Calm the Chaos by Dayna Abraham

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