From Idea to Execution: Building a Book

From Idea to Execution: Building a Book

Episode 374: Kirsten Jones stood in a line to meet Jess years ago at a Gift of Failure event, and she told Jess about her idea for a book...

Hi all! Jess here! Welcome to a new season!

We are back with our usual #AmWriting content and I’m incredibly excited about this episode.

Seven years ago, I was speaking in the school library of a small elementary school in California - the entire event was a favor for a friend - and met a reader named Kirsten Jones. I love small events because I get to spend so much time talking with the audience members at the book signing. One of the last people to get her book signed was Kirsten, a former NCAA athlete and aspiring writer. She had this idea, she said, a Gift of Failure but for the parents of athletes. YES, I said. Write the book. We need this book. Please let me know how I can be of help to you so this book can be in the world.

Seven years later, here we are. Raising Empowered Athletes was born August 8, 2023.

In this episode, Jess and Kirsten talk about the journey from a beautiful, scary, secret idea whispered to another writer at a book event to publication day and everything in between.


Kirsten’s website

Raising Empowered Athletes at Bookshop.org

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