Sitemap - 2022 - The #AmWriting Podcast

Bonus BP7: Finding Your Drivers

How to Drive that Narrative Forward: Blueprint for a Book Step 7

Bonus BP6: TOCs, Chapter Headings, POV---It's all Structure.

What's the Structure of Your Narrative? Blueprint for a Book Step 6

Bonus BPB 5: The Change is the Theme

There Must Be Change: Blueprint for a Book Step 5

Bonus BPB 4: Jacket Copy Cheats and Hacks

Your Jacket Copy is Your Promise to the Reader: Blueprint for a Book Step 4

Bonus BPB 3: Write What You Want--to Be Read.

Who Will Read My Book? Know Your Market: Blueprint for a Book Step 3

Bonus BPB 2: What's this about--and how knowing the answer makes everything else easier.

323 What's Your Point? Blueprint for a Book Step 2

BPB Bonus 1: What's YOUR Why?

322 Find Your Why: Blueprint for a Book Step 1

2022: Half-over or Half-to go? GOAL CHECK-IN

321 What Do You Want to Achieve this Year--and are you half-way there?

Blueprint for a Book Extravaganza: How to plan a book in 10 episodes

320: How to Create Your Own Market

Write Now with Sarah Rhea Werner

But Everything is so SHINY: Episode 319, Coaching journalist Alison Myers on restarting a writing career.

Yes You Can Write In More Than One Genre. Here's how: Episode 318 flips the shelves.

How Writing Middle Grade is Different, and How It's Not: Episode 317 with Jamie Sumner

Living with Writer Envy. Episode 316: We wanted to call this conquering it but we can't.

When Your Agent Doesn't Like Your Idea as Much as You Do: Episode 315 with Kristen Green

How to Write a Cozy Mystery (the rules are changing): Episode 314 with Mia Manansala

One Man's Quest to Find the Next Big Book Idea: Episode 313 with A.J. Jacobs

Essays that start light, then hit hard: Episode 312 with Mary Laura Philpott

Where Should Your Energy Go NOW? Episode 311--everything evolves with Jess and KJ

Jodi Kantor Chases the Truth: Episode 310 is a Primer on Investigative Journalism

Nonfiction Masterclass: Combining Narrative Structure, Lived Experience and Geopolitics in Episode 309 with Scott Carney and Jason Miklian.

How to Love Writing What You Can Sell: Episode 308 with Seressia Glass

How to Be on Bookstagram Episode 307 with #bookmarkedbya

Does Your Author Website Answer the Right Questions? Episode 306 with Anne Le Tissier

But what if my old boss is pissed? Episode 305: Workplace Memoir with Cate Doty

Sometimes You Can't Go with the Flow: Hacking Writing Energies in Episode 304 with Jess and KJ

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Episode 303 with Sarina, Jess and KJ

Writer De-Snobbification: Episode 302 with Katherine Center

Do Morning Pages Work? Episode 301: Is this, or is it not, the Artist's Way?

BONUS: Listen to The Book Dreams Podcast with Guest Kathryn Schulz

ALWAYS WIPS Episode 300--Podcast #Goals, Translating Earnings, Talking $$ and Craft and Interview Skillz

How to Sell Any Book to Any Publisher-- Episode 299: More Info Than You Ever Thought Possible with Multi-genre author and teacher extraordinaire Sue Shapiro

How to Travel for Research (even before you sell the book)--Episode 298 with Sarah Stewart Taylor

How to Build a Platform in a Zillion (Not) Easy Steps: Episode 297, A coaching call with Alison Zak