Jun 14, 2022 • 27M

Write Now with Sarah Rhea Werner

a bonus episode to remind you that the timing will never be perfect. so write anyway

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Entertaining, actionable advice on craft, productivity and creativity for writers and journalists in all genres, with hosts Jessica Lahey, KJ Dell'Antonia and Sarina Bowen.

As a bonus this week, we’re sharing “The Bulletproof Writer” from the Write Now Podcast—because this past few weeks have NOT been a perfect time for me to write, with guests and celebrations and also setbacks and discouragements. Not only is that often true, it’s pretty much always true. The challenge is to write anyway, and Sarah offers help and compassion for us as we sort out how to get our butts in the chair when everything is trying to yank it out from under us. We hope you like it!

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AND…we’ve got a challenge for you this summer! Starting July 1, we’ll be digging in for the Blueprint for a Book Challenge—10 episodes, 10 weeks, 10 guests, 10 steps to you creating a blueprint that will help you take book idea from amorphous blob to solid plan. Whether you’re at the inspiration stage, have a few chapters written or are sitting on a big chunk of draft that just isn’t coming together, this series will help you get things in shape and make taking your idea to the next stage easier.  Why am I telling you about it now? So you can sign up. Get ready. Because if you play along in real time and meet the deadlines, you could win a critique of that blueprint from me or from Jennie Nash, and if you sign up early, you get a deal on a critique from an Author Accelerator book coach at the end of the process, plus bonus episodes and write-alongs. For details and to get all signed up, go to authoraccelerator.com/amwritingblueprintchallenge.