Sitemap - 2021 - #AmWriting

[announcer yells] GOALS: Episode 296

Heck of a Year: Episode 295 is 2021 in review

Butter Up Your Writing: Episode 294 Using Universal Fantasy to Write Better and Sell More with Theodora Taylor

How to Build a Literary Life: Episode 293 with Zibby Owens

A Busload of Books: Illustrator Robbi Behr and Writer Matthew Swanson Take Their Work and Their Family on the Road in Episode 292.

How Do You Write a Non-Fiction Book in less than a Year? Episode 291: Coaching Call with Emily Edlynn

What Not to Do, Self-Pub Edition Episode 290 with Cate Frazier-Neely

Why Can't I Finish My Novel? Episode 289: A Coaching Call with Ophir Lehavy

Non-Toxic Feedback: Building workshops and writing groups. Episode 288 with Joni Cole

I Have This Idea...Structuring Non-fiction and Memoir: Episode 287 Coaching Call with Emily Henderson

Breaking into Television Writing: Episode 286 with Will Morey

When Agents Ask You to "Revise and Resubmit": Episode 285 with Mindy Carlson

Top Five Ways to Prep for NaNoWriMo

When Inner Dialogue Isn't "Telling" and When It Is in Memoir and Fiction: Episode 284 with Jess, KJ and Sarina

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Episode 283: Turning situations into books with Heather Chavez

Episode 282: 40 Years of Procrastination with Joy Imboden Overstreet

Episode 281: Writing with the Door Open (Stephen King May Be Wrong)

Episode 280: Book Launching Fun with Jess

Episode 279: Collaborating, Revising and Proposing--What We Did On Our Summer Vacations

Episode 278: Editing

Episode 277: Writer Comfort Reads

Episode 276: When You Don't Know Why You're Doing This

Episode 275: Writing While White (or otherwise part of the historically dominant paradigm)

Episode 274: Getting Published

Episode 273: #Writing Books for When You're Stuck

Episode 272: Sometimes Writers Need to Up Our Game

Episode 271: #Productivity: Write More Better Faster Yes Please

Episode 270: #Plotting Your Heart (and Book) Out

Episode 269: Finding #Inspiration on the Writer's Bookshelf

Episode 268 #SummerReading: Whose List Looks Like Your List?

Episode 267 #Summer Writing Plans

Episode 266 #Sensitivity Readers with Jordan Shapiro and Jazz

Episode 265 Everybody Suffers, Not Everybody Can #Write About it with Stacy Kim

Episode 264 Being #Edited (is a Very Good Thing)

Episode 263: No, Really, It's #Fiction: Writing novels that reflect (but differ dramatically from) your life with Emma Gannon

Episode 262: #Breaking into Food Writing and Redefining Success with Reem Kassis

Episode 261 Really #Funny, Real and Funny: Rom-Coms, plotting and finding characters with Mhairi McFarlane

Top Five Facts about Book Sales That Probably Won't Astonish You.

Episode 260 #Writing Without Knowing Where You're Going with Kristin Van Ogtrop

Top Five Ways to Squeeze in a Little Forward Momentum

Episode 259: More Q, More A: Organizing research, handling would-be writer friends, finding great editors and writing classes and the kicker: How Do You Become Liz Gilbert?

Episode 258 Writing While #Broken: Talking Depression, Anxiety and Writer's Block with Jenny Lawson

How to Start a New Novel (the KJ Right Now Version)

Episode 257 Become a #Better Faster Stronger Writer with Becca Syme

Top 5 Scams to Avoid on Your Path to Publication

Episode 256 Your Q's, A'd: Stealing ideas, asking for blurbs and the elusive "platform"

Episode 255 The Power of Writing as Play with Nalini Singh

Top Five Things That Count as Writing That Aren't Exactly Writing

Episode 254 How to Prep a NonFiction Launch the Jess Way

Ep 253 From Breakout Article to Book: Writing about #Nothing and Everything with Olga Mecking

Episode 252 How to Write a Post-Covid Romance with Alisha Rai

Top Five Reasons Pre-Orders Matter

Episode 251 How to give your fun read a solid, poke-in-the-gut point with Anna North

#Minisode: Finding Fun Again

Episode 250: Growing Thick Skin: Handling #Haters, Commenters and Bad Reviews

Minisode: Making a #Revision Plan with KJ

Episode 249: Turning Data into #Narrative with Ron Lieber

Episode 248 Mental #Chatter with Ethan Kross: Harnessing the voices in our heads for good

Top Five Terrible Reader Reviews for Phenomenally Successful Works

Episode 247: #Writing All Over the Map with Jacob Sager Weinstein

Top Five Things to Know About Recording an Audiobook

Episode 246: Historical #Fiction the Only Way I Know How with Beverly Jenkins

Episode 245: #Pitching with Passion with Lisa Levenstein

Episode 244: Setting Writer #Goals for 2021