Oct 22, 2021 • 40M

Breaking into Television Writing: Episode 286 with Will Morey

How Jess' former student Will Morey evolved from writing a high school vampire screenplay to his dream job as a full-fledged television writer.

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Hello listeners! Jess here.

I had the chance to interview one of my former students, Will Morey, about his career as a writer. He has always been talented, and even way back when I knew him in high school English class (actually, since he was eight) he has dreamed of working in movies and television. We talk through his entire career, from a high school screenplay about vampires to working in professional theater, to helping create (and this was a new word for me) “Mockbusters,” or close-but-not-quite versions of big Hollywood blockbuster films, to working as a “Conform,” (another new word to me) to breaking through and writing animated features such as Spy Kids: Mission Critical and Dragons: Race to the Edge and Dragons: Rescue Riders. He’s currently querying literary agents for a novel he completed this year and in true #AmWriting fashion, we had to talk about how he selected the agents he has decided to reach out to and why.

At its core, this is a discussion about an education in writing for television and how the “little jobs” are often incredibly valuable as learning experiences in an industry with its own process, language, and expectations. And a walk down memory lane for Jess and Will.

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We did not do #AmReading because, to be honest, Jess was using her own personal version of Zoom and we’d bumped up against our time limit.

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