Episode 271: #Productivity: Write More Better Faster Yes Please

The number one reason your book won't be published is because you didn't write it.


Who doesn’t want to write more faster and better? And who doesn’t get stuck spinning the old wheels once in a while?

In our new summer series, The Working Bookshelf, KJ and guest host Jennie Nash pull their favorite writing books off the shelf and debate: which is better and why—until invariably, they get distracted and just start talking about the topic at hand. Funny, fresh and full of frank advice, when KJ and Jennie get going they’re hard to stop.

This week, we take on Productivity with Deep Work versus From 2K to 10K.

In a new twist, you can also watch these episodes on YouTube. Find Episode 3 HERE.

And, for your looking-forward pleasure, here’s the whole series, dropping once weekly all through the summer of 2021.

1. Inspiration
2. Plotting
3. Productivity
4. Up Your Game
5. When You're Stuck
6. Getting Published
7. Writing While White
8. When You Don't Know Why You're Doing This
9. Writer Comfort Reads
10. Editing

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