Are You Ready to Pitch? The Answer is in Your Query. Episode 348 with Julie Artz Listen now (48 min) | Your query (or your jacket copy) can tell you if your story is ready to pitch to agents (or offer readers)--if you're willing to…

January 2023

Start More than You Can Finish: Redefining failure with Becky Blades in Episode 347Listen now (62 min) | Okay, some us (hand up here) start ALL THE THINGS. But some of us don’t like to start what we don’t think we will finish (and even…
This week: Tuesday, Weds and Friday.
A Thousand Miles to a First Novel: Episode 346 with Kristen Mei ChaseListen now (44 min) | How Kristen Mei Chase confronted her relationship demons and turned her decade-old manuscript into a published novel.
Flashback Friday -- Episode 71: Building relationships with booksellers with Mary Laura PhilpottEscucha ahora (48 min) | Mary Laura Philpott offers advice for authors about how to connect with booksellers well before book release day
When it comes to goals, boring is good. Episode 345: Goals--or not--for 2023Listen now (36 min) | Is it just us, or is nobody is feeling big goals this year?
What's your WOTY (Word of the Year) for 2023?We adore setting our WOTYs. Mine was PLAY last year, and although I kind of forgot about it I did live up to it. This year it will be CHOICE. Mo…

December 2022

2022 in the Rear View Mirror: Episode 344Listen now (43 min) | Sarina knocks it out of the park. Jess and KJ...
#NaNoNowWhat? Bonus Episode: First Steps after First Drafts Listen now (54 min) | Don't critique the paint job.
Flashback Friday -- Episode 251 How to give your fun read a solid, poke-in-the-gut point with Anna NorthListen now (48 min) | My motto for 2023 is “good writing comes last” but it might as well be “story first”, which is why we’re re-sharing this interview…
Friends Don't Let Friends Write Books Without Hooks. Episode 343 Escucha ahora (48 min) | But what does that meeeeaaaaaannnnn?