Writer De-Snobbification: Episode 302 with Katherine Center

Writer De-Snobbification: Episode 302 with Katherine Center

Learning to write what you love.

Here’s Katherine Center, author of soon-to-be 9 bittersweet comic novels that have been described as “the best medicine for human souls,” on her relatively late-in life discover of romance novels: “I felt like I’d discovered chocolate cake after a lifetime of eating boneless skinless chicken breasts.”

We dig deep into the process of figuring out what you love in a book and how to find it in your own work, from analyzing other books to the importance of the reading journal, and then we get into the craft of writing books that satisfy the readerly urges you share, embracing unifying tropes, finding the compelling hook and how to ground a story that seems to big to be true by creating real characters with relatable problems in familiar settings. I took some serious notes here, people. I’m going to have to listen again!


Katherine Center :

Something Wilder, Christina Lauren (Also mentioned The Unhoneymooners)

Book Lovers, Emily Henry


The Long Game, Rachel Reid (sequel to Heated Rivalry)

KJ: Boyfriend Material, Alexis Hall

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