Why you don't have to do it like that one writer in the NYT

Why you don't have to do it like that one writer in the NYT

Also: it's the middle of the year, do you know where your goals are? Episode 405

We only meant to dissect the success of the writer from this NYT piece briefly, but it turned out we had a lot to say. No, we can’t all imitate her (nor do we want to) but there are things to be learned here. And things to be learned by checking in on your goals at mid-year! How’s it going out there?


New York Times: How a Self-Published Book Broke ‘All the Rules’ and Became a Best Seller

The Atlantic: The 24-Year-Old Who Outsold Oprah This Week

The Nothing Sells Books but Books Still Sell essay and episode #401

Not linking to the workbook we discussed bc I have my doubts…

Not linking to the TT stuff either so sue me.

Start Where You Are, Meera Lee Patel

oh OKAY I’ll link to the workbook:

The Shadow Journal, Keila Shaheen

Rachael Herron’s Ink in Your Veins Podcast Ep. 183 with Jennie Nash

Sarina’s latest book, The Five Year Lie

Jess on Instagram and TikTok killing it

Funeral in my Brain, Lisa Levy (coming soon!)

2024 Words

KJ: Unapologetic

Sarina: Abundance

Jess: Recreate/Recreate

Jennie: I… do not remember. (It was Zone of Genius)


Jess: Ali Hazelwood’s Not In Love, Funny Story by Emily Henry

KJ: I Hope This Finds You Well, Natalie Sue

Sarina: The Paradise Problem, Christina Lauren

Jennie: They’re Going to Love You, Meg Howrey

An #AmWriting Success Story, Episode 404

Are you a “sticker”?

Regular listeners know that whenever we meet our writing goals around here, we text each other one word: STICKER. (and then we add a cute sticker to our calendar, because we’re fun like that).

We call supporters of the #AmWriting podcast “stickers” too—and while our regular podcasts and shownotes go out to all of our listeners, we have created a few things just for stickers. First, there’s the Summer Blueprint for a Book Sprint—10 weeks dedicated to working with coaches and a community to figure out how to turn your next idea—or your struggling draft—into the book you want to write. You can join it anytime (the how-to is below).

Stickers can also submit the first page of their WIP to the Booklab First Pages podcast, where we might choose it to discuss, review and offer ideas for persuading agents, editors and readers that they want to turn that page and see what happens next. (Find the link to submit a first page HERE.)

I’m a sticker! Give it all to me now.

To join the Blueprint for a Book Summer Sprint, you must be a paid subscriber. Then, opt-in and set up your podcast feed. Don’t worry, it’s simple! Click here to go to your #AmWriting account, and when you see this screen, do two things:

  1. Toggle “Blueprint for a Book” from “off” (grey) to “on” (green).

  2. Click “set up podcast” next to Blueprint for a Book and follow the easy instructions.

Once you set those things up, you’ll get all the future Blueprint emails and podcasts (and if you’re joining the party a bit late, just head to our website and click on Blueprint for a Book in the top menu).

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