Things Jess Learned This Month, Ep. 394

Things Jess Learned This Month, Ep. 394

In the interest of flattening your learning curve, I kept notes on everything I learned this month about platforming, marketing, branding and publicity.

Hey hey Jess here!

I had a couple of great learning opportunities this month, so in the interest of flattening learning curves, I took notes for all of you!

First up, I took a call from a company interested in working with me to boost my platform, and I was curious about what they do and how they do it. While I won’t reveal what company I talked to, I will tell you about all the things I learned on that call. Companies that promise to boost platform are proliferating, and I was curious about how it all works.

Second, I was on a panel about monetizing platform at the Institute for Independent Journalists conference on freelancing and learned SO much from my co-presenters. I have subscribed to all of their newsletters because they are very cool writers, all.

Frankie de la Cretaz, Out of Your League: Dispatches from the intersection of queer sports and pop culture.

Tim Herrera, Freelancing With Tim: Demystifying the world of freelance journalism.

Morgan Sung, Rat.House: an exploration of social platforms and how they shape our real world culture, from dissecting the creator economy to unpacking chronically online discourse.

Sa’iyda Shabazz at Autostraddle.com

Jaeah Lee: independent journalist and a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine


James, Percival Everett

The Other Bennet Sister, Janice Hadlow

I hope this week’s episode provides some useful information, and at the very least, leads to some of your new favorite writers!

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