I want to sell books. But I'm also writing what I want to write. Episode 393 with Jo Piazza

I want to sell books. But I'm also writing what I want to write. Episode 393 with Jo Piazza

She never met a genre she didn't like. (Okay that's an exaggeration. But still.)

You KIDS. If you’re not already following Jo Piazza, queen of the highly suspicious influencer side-eye, what even are you DOING on Substack and Instagram? Go follow her now. We’ll wait.

Okay, now listen while we talk about Jo’s many-booked career that includes freelancing, narrative non-fiction, journalistic memoir (the kind where a reporter manages to get paid to interview people to try to help her with her problem), writing novels with co-authors and novels alone. Just LOOK at the list below and tell me you don’t think you’ll get something out of listening to this woman (who has also made multiple podcasts and we’ll list those below too.) Press play now.

BUT BEFORE YOU DO: Pre-order The Sicilian Inheritance and get all things Jo on Substack free forever. You’ll love the book (or if the dual narrative historical feminist fiction is not your vibe I guarantee you’ll find someone who will)—BUT ALSO this is actually a great offer, bc as you can see Jo’s likely to be filling the place with entertaining and informative content for a long time to come. I already have the book and I still pre-ordered because that’s a deal.

Jo’s Website: jopiazza.com

Jo’s Books

The Knockoff (with Lucy Sykes)

Fitness Junkie (with Lucy Sykes)

How to Be Married

If Nuns Ruled the World

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win

We’re Not Like Them (with Christine Pride)

You Were Always Mine (with Christine Pride)

Celebrity, Inc

Love Rehab

AND The Sicilian Inheritance

Jo’s Podcasts


Under the Influence

She Wants More


The Pod Club

Also mentioned

Pam Jenoff

Fiona Davis

The Secret Book of Flora Lea, Patti Callahan Henry

Kristin Harmel

#AmReading (or #AmEnthusing bc you can’t stop Jo once she gets going)

Virginia Sole Smith’s Burnt Toast Substack

Sara Petersen’s In Pursuit of Clean Countertops Substack

Momfluenced, Sara Petersen

Ghost Story (narrative Podcast)

Roy Kent’s standup show

The Women, Kristin Hannah

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