How to Create a Substack that Delivers (for you and your readers) Episode 389 with Dan Blank

How to Create a Substack that Delivers (for you and your readers) Episode 389 with Dan Blank

Knowing you want from your subscribers can help you figure out what to offer them

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Wanna start—or fix—your email/Substack? We GOT YOU. Dan Blank is, truly, THE GUY when it comes to helping writers identify our audience, find ways to reach them and also feel great about the process. Before you do anything else, go subscribe to his Substack. I’ll wait.

Ok, those Substack links are BIG. But brace yourself, there’s more of them. In this episode, which you must go listen to, Dan, Jennie and KJ talk about the three ways to approach a Substack, why you should have an email list no matter what, finding your role (inspiring, entertaining, teaching) and—most importantly—not heading out there with something that’s half baked.

Our message today is: BAKE THE THING.

What do you believe above all? What do you want to explore? What do you want to share? Who do you want to come hang? Answer those questions, and Substack—some version of it, which may or may not involve $$ and trust me we get into that—is YOURS.

Today instead of books, we have Substack follow recommendations! (and you DO NOT have to use Substack to get these emails. If you don’t, they’re just emails. Subscribe!)

KJ’s REC’s

Free and gonna stay that way:

Welcomes $$, plenty that is free and lovely

Worth every $$

Jennie’s RECS

Dan’s RECS

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