Coaching call with author, educator & speaker Katie Kinder

Coaching call with author, educator & speaker Katie Kinder

Jess talks with upcoming speaker Katie Kinder on how to take her career to the next level in Episode 390

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Jess here. I love love love coaching calls, and opt to talk rather than trade emails when someone needs a comprehensive education in speaking career building. I met Katie at a recent speaking event and she grabbed my attention on stage right away. She had that…something that speakers need on stage to hold the attention of a large audience.

Katie was generous enough to allow me to record our call so you all can learn along with her! Here’s to flattening learning curves!

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Katie’s website

Katie’s book, Untold Teaching Truths

Katie at the Accutrain 50 in 50 panel, from my live Thread of the event:

During the pandemic, there was an explosion of people who wanted to write memoir, and many of those writers are now struggling to make sense of their drafts and figure out how to approach the marketplace. It's a great time to be a book coach who specializes in memoir, and in March 2024, Author Accelerator is launching a certification course to give memoir coaches the skills, tools, and experience to meet writers where they are.

Our year-long program is robust and intense. I'm inviting any listeners of this show who are interested in our coaching program to sign up for a one-on-one session with me to strategize about whether or not this course is right for you. Just go to bookcoaches.com/amwriting to sign up for a time that works for you.

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